Delve into the world of Blockchain with confidence and ease. Our platform offers an exciting opportunity for affiliate marketing and group bonuses, designed to maximize your potential earnings and rewards.

WHat is staking?

Staking in crypto is like putting your cryptocurrency in a bank's fixed deposit; you lock it up to support the network and earn percentage rewards. In addition you will benefit from the growth of the currency.

OUR Packages


Rewards : +100%

Cash out by month : 6/9/12/15/18/21/24


Rewards : +20%

Cash out by month : 



Rewards : +50%

Cash out by month : 



Rewards : +75%

Cash out month : 



Example : What if you invest $1000 in a Platinum Package with 100% Reward?

(CSM price = $5)



100% Reward



This means, if you invest $1000 and the Caesium (CSM) price stays the same, you'll surely end up with $2000. 

What happens if CSM value goes up?

CSM price is expected to increase for sure. Here's the minimum growth you can anticipate:

Package : Platinum 100%

Investment : $1000 → 400 CSM

CSM Growth : Minimum

$7.50 →$13.50

Investment Growth : 

Qtrly: 4.1x

$1000 → $4,140

Hodl: 5.4x

$1000 → $5,400

Now let's look at how your $1000 investment has grown. Let's see if our CSM token can merely grow by the bare minimum in the next 24 months—that is, $5 to $13.50 or an average of $1 every quarter. As a CSM holder, you will most likely profit 4.1 times ($4100) if you withdraw by the end of each quarter, or at least 5.4 times ($5400)

Keep in mind, this is just the minimum, so you might see even more growth!

Here's the exponential growth for it based on our analysis

Package : Platinum 100%

Investment : $1000 → 400 CSM

CSM Growth : Maximum

$7.50 → $100.00

Investment Growth : 

Qtrly: 14.2x

$1000 → $14,290

Hodl: 40x

$1000 → $40,000

According to our analysis, we anticipate the CSM price to reach $7.50 initially and would exponentially go up to a maximum of $100. This implies that after 24 months, if you withdraw after staking, you could earn up to $40,000, which is 40 times your initial investment of $1000!

That's an opportunity worth considering!

affiliation REWARD

Direct and Indirect Bonus Packages (Starting from USD $100)

Instant Payment Rewards - BNB

Your deposit starts with : 

USD $1000

Direct Bonus : 15%

Indirect Bonus : 5%

USD $2500

Direct Bonus : 20%

Indirect Bonus : 5%

USD $5000

Direct Bonus : 25%

Indirect Bonus : 5%

USD $100

Direct Bonus : 10%

Indirect Bonus : 5%

HoW ARE YOU GOING TO EARN Through affiliation?

Example : If your investment is $100, what type of income you're going to get?

As a leader, for every person directly under you (Level 1), you get a 10% bonus. So if you invest $100, each Level 1 member earns you $10. If you have 2 members in Level 1, you'll earn $20, and so on.

When your Level 1 member has people under them in Level 2, you also get a 5% indirect bonus. With an investment of $100, each Level 2 member earns you $5.  Based on the figure above, when there are a total of 6 people in Level 2, you'll earn an additional $30.

To maximize your bonus as a leader, you need to increase your investment and recruit more people under you as Level 1 members.

Example : What's the bonus for a $5000 maximum investment?

When you invest the maximum of $5000, each person directly under you (Level 1) brings a 25% bonus, earning you $1250 per Level 1 member. If you have 2 members in Level 1, you'll make $2500, and so on.

You'll also get a fixed 5% indirect bonus. So, each Level 2 member earns you $250. In this example, with a total of 6 people in Level 2, you'll gain an extra $1500.

The more you invest and expand your Level 1 team, the higher your potential bonus becomes.

Immediate Payout Rewards

75% in BNB

25% in CSM (Lock for 6 Months)

You have the opportunity to significantly increase your earnings by assuming the role of a group leader and inviting others to participate in our exciting projects. The scheme for you to become leaders is as follows:

Want to know more about Group Leader Award?

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